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to fulfill your reselling needs

Our success speaks for ourselves

Discover ways to secure limited edition sneakers and apparel every release

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Your essentials

At Blast, we do our best to provide you the most accurate information about upcoming releases, raffles and much more

Checking out manually using our monitors on retailers like Solebox, SNS or END Clothing has never been easier

Support you deserve

Our group is mainly focusing on bot users, even if you're a newbie we got you covered. Team of highly experienced professionals is ready to help you with variety of sneaker bots

Being a Blast member grants you access to our established slots service for every Supreme and Footlocker EU release, you don't have to sit home to cook anymore

Our own proxies

Blast isn't just a cook group, we're provider of one of the best datacenter and residential proxies on sneaker twitter with very friendly pricetag

Every Blast member is eligible to purchase our dataplan for as low as $4.80 per GB thru our custom-coded Proxy Dashboard

Blast Lite

Experienced enough but what you're looking for are high-speed monitors? We got you covered, our Lite version of Blast offers all the monitors available in our main group, at half of the price

Payment for Blast Lite is a non-recurring so you don't need to worry about cancelling your membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Blast

How much do you charge per month?

Our monthly subscription is 25€ per month

What payment methods do you support?

We currently support payments by Credit and Debit cards (Stripe)

Do you have planned restocks?

Our group is currently in an open-beta access and we're giving aways free beta keys on our Twitter

Can I unsubscribe from Blast?

We're always sad to see people go but yes, you're of course eligible to unsubscribe from Blast monthly subscription at anytime

Can I unbind/transfer my key?

Although we don't support reselling of memberships, it's not forbidden so you can unbind/sell your key whenever you need it

Can I invite my friends?

Our internal refferal program allows you to invite one friend for each 50 posts in our Discord server

Do you have any groupbuys planned?

We're doing our best to ensure our members high quality bots and regular groupbuys! All groupbuys are announced at least few days beforehand

Do you provide slots to members?

We are regularly providing slots to our members for Supreme and Footlocker EU releases, we are using HQ bots such as Ganesh or Kodai for FTL EU releases and CyberAIO, Candypreme or Kodai for Supreme releases

Do you provide custom bots or tools?

Our development Team is doing their best to higher your chance of copping, we're providing raffle scripts for Travis Scott's releases, custom scripts for multiple website and much more

Where are you based?

Our group is divided to 2 regions, Czecho-Slovakia and Europe - both regions share the same server to ensure the fastest possible info for both of our regions. Access to CZ/SK Region is currently paused and we don't accept any new members for now